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Murmur Breeze limited 7 inch is now available!

Dear friends, and friend's moms. The wait is over, I present you the all new Murmur Breeze 7-inch featuring 3 songs of the combined might of AbSUrd and James P Honey.

Kaboom. What was that sound? The sound of 300 hearts pounding, racing and exploding facing the almightiness of Murmur Breeze's soundscape.

Needless to say that we are very happy with this and we can only hope the same for you. So to break it down for you : the release is limited to 300 hand numbered copies and we are offering the first Murmur Breeze album, 'Bird Irony', to the 30 first buyers. Just go to the disc section!

We are also offering a package deal of AbSUrd's 7 inch and Murmur Breeze's. So be sure to check on that if you don't have the first release yet (we forgive you).

Happiness is just a few clicks away!

Special offer for the release of Murmur Breeze's 7-inch on august 10th!

Yes, they are here and will soon be available for you to buy and love. Just a few more days until the release date on august 10th.

Murmur Breeze have been making people musically happy since 2008 when they released their debut album 'Bird Irony' and few people had the chance to embark on that magical journey that it represents. That's why we will offer the Murmur Breeze's debut album, 'Bird Irony', to the first 30 buyers. Be quick if you want one! They are handmade and there's very few of them so consider yourself lucky if you have one.

See you on the 10th, then?

Murmur Breeze 7 inch!

Hello folks, it's been a while, indeed. Don't hold it against us, we've been away to cook you some mesmerizing new piece of wax by Murmur Breeze. And yes, the release is finally due in august. Same as AbSUrd's, 300 copies, artwork by Albane.

A - 01 Float

B - 01 Dusty Door Knobs

B - 02 Catch The Mirage

You can listen to a snippet of the three songs on the left of your screen and if you go to the myspace you'll be able to listen to the full length 'Float' track. Be sure to check all that up!

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